The Day My Life Changed: Sept. 10, 2013


The day I found out we were having a baby was unforgettable. It was Sept. 10, 2013. I spent the morning at Hoag Hospital with my husband, sister-in-laws and brothers-in-law spending some time with my father-in-law before he went in for a surgery. Once it was time for him to be wheeled in, we left the hospital as a group and had breakfast together at a restaurant nearby in Costa Mesa.

I was expecting a call that day from my doctor, in anticipation of a blood test I took a few days before, but my mind was consumed with praying that my father-in-law’s surgery would be a success and that he would come out of it safe and with no complications. As we finished breakfast, my phone rang. I immediately recognized the phone number, it was my doctor calling and before I answered I braced myself for bad news: “Nisha, today is not about you. The most important thing today is for my father-in-law to come out of surgery with no problems. Don’t get sad, no matter what the test result is.” So with that frame of mind, I stepped away from the table to answer the phone and expected it would be a “negative.”

But as fate would have it, the doctor said, “Nisha, I have wonderful news for you. You my dear are pregnant!” I will never forget that moment, tears immediately filled my eyes and I just started crying and asking, “Are you sure? Are you really sure? This cannot be happening. FINALLY!” As I hung up the phone my first instinct was to run over to Hector, throw my arms around him and scream, “Babe we are going to have our baby!” But I didn’t. The timing, the moment was not right. His mind was focused on my father-in-law and I completely understood. So I wiped my tears, took a moment to thank God, smiled really big and then I walked over to the car where Hector and my brother-in-law and sister-in-laws were waiting. We drove back over to the hospital to continue waiting for my father-in-law’s surgery to be over.

As everyone walked in one by one to the lobby area, I pulled Hector back and said, “Come outside for a second.” I told him I knew it was bad timing, but said, “There is something I have to tell you.” “It was negative, right,” Hector asked, in reference to my call from the doctor (he knew I was expecting test results that day.) And I said, “You’re not going to believe this, but it’s positive. We are going to have a baby! I know this isn’t the right time, but I had to tell you.”

I will never forget the look he gave me, he’s never looked at me that way before. He was so happy, so shocked and so excited. He hugged me super tight, and said, “Wow! Babe the timing is perfect. I cannot believe it, I am so happy.”

After having our moment together in the parking lot of Hoag Hospital, we decided we would keep our wonderful news to ourselves until his dad recovered from surgery. Ever since that day, we haven’t stopped thanking God for answering our prayers.

XO~ A&B’s Mommy

God’s Timing is Always Perfect..

Image                                                                                                                                                                          My husband and I always talked about having children, even before we were engaged or married. We always knew having a family was a wish we both shared. Children were something we both said we loved, we both said we wanted, we both said we prayed for all the time. My stepdaughter was 11 when we first met, and he always told me he wanted her to have a sibling once he was married. We continued on our path and as fate would have it, we were married on May 1, 2010 and vowed that day to have a family created in God’s love.

We had lots of goals and dreams we wanted to accomplish first: I wanted to get my Master’s Degree, he wanted to grow his business and we both wanted to buy a house. So we set out on our goals, but having a baby was always the foundation for everything we did. Once we checked something off our list, we knew we were that much closer to getting started on our family.

After years of hard work, we finally did it. We checked off our “must haves before baby” and then we started “trying.” I would be lying if I said it happened right away, like it does for so many people. I am not sure if it was my age (early 30s at the time), the fact that I had been on birth control for the majority of my adult life or if it was because my body just wanted to be stubborn, but it took us much longer to get pregnant than we actually hoped for. Don’t get me wrong, there were months at a time when we said “ok, let’s stop “trying,” and instead we would focus on just having fun, traveling and doing anything we wanted to do. But then there were the months when we tried so very hard, and it wouldn’t happen. Of course it seemed like everyone else was pregnant, but for some reason we were not. We went through all the emotions; anger, sadness, hopelessness and despair….

And then one day we finally realized, when God wants it to happen, it will. He will bless us with a baby…so we prayed and prayed, and knew in our hearts we were destined to have a baby.


Whatever your heart desires, put it in God’s hands and he will answer..maybe not right away, but when the timing is right.

XO~ A & B’s Mommy

A Blog Dedicated to My Baby Boys..

photo-118I first started blogging back in 2011, while I was a graduate student at California State University Fullerton. A journalist by profession, I embraced the idea of a blog when it was required in one of my classes. I spent one semester blogging about “beauty” and how it influences the thoughts and actions of young girls, if you are interested in reading my previous blogs you can access them on this site,

After the class ended, I received my master’s degree and haven’t done much blogging since then because I spend all of my time working as a full-time journalist and news editor. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about blogging again, but this time it will be much more personal and special. I am currently in my fifth month of pregnancy, and I felt blogging about the upcoming arrival of my twin boys would be a wonderful way to document the newest, most precious time in my life.

I hope one day my boys will read my blogs, and feel the happiness that has consumed every inch of my body and heart since I found out they were growing inside of me.

Check back for more blogs soon..

XO~ A & B’s Mommy