A Blog Dedicated to My Baby Boys..

photo-118I first started blogging back in 2011, while I was a graduate student at California State University Fullerton. A journalist by profession, I embraced the idea of a blog when it was required in one of my classes. I spent one semester blogging about “beauty” and how it influences the thoughts and actions of young girls, if you are interested in reading my previous blogs you can access them on this site, Nishaonbeauty.wordpress.com.

After the class ended, I received my master’s degree and haven’t done much blogging since then because I spend all of my time working as a full-time journalist and news editor. The last few weeks I’ve been thinking about blogging again, but this time it will be much more personal and special. I am currently in my fifth month of pregnancy, and I felt blogging about the upcoming arrival of my twin boys would be a wonderful way to document the newest, most precious time in my life.

I hope one day my boys will read my blogs, and feel the happiness that has consumed every inch of my body and heart since I found out they were growing inside of me.

Check back for more blogs soon..

XO~ A & B’s Mommy

One thought on “A Blog Dedicated to My Baby Boys..

  1. I love it! Although, I’m not too sure I’m following you?!? There was nothing on the page that suggested or said follow. I clicked the register icon and the log in icon as well as the 💗 with a 0 in it assuming it’s a “like” button and it takes me to this.

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