It’s OK to Keep it Simple!


(Noah (L) and Nikoh (R) sipping their favorite breakfast shakes ~ March 2016)

One of the most stressful aspects of raising my twin boys over the last two years has always been the battle that occurs when it’s time to feed them.

Moms/dads you can relate to this……


We are currently in the toddler stage, (my twins Noah and Nikoh are turning 2 on March 26!) so the time frame I have to get them to eat ranges from  4-7 minutes (per meal) on a good day. After that, they are “over it.” My boys are pretty good eaters, but sometimes it takes me having to whip up 2-3 small meals before they will actually eat something (And who really has that kind of time right?!….Definitely not this twin mama!) Often times I end up with pieces of food in my hair and on my clothes because they rather “play” than eat!

So on those trying, tiring, stressful days, I remind myself, “It’s OK, to keep it simple!” It can’t always be french toast topped with quinoa and bananas, an egg omelette with veggies and ground turkey, or a breakfast quesadilla…you catch my drift, right? Sometimes it’s ok to just make sure your toddler eats something decent, maintain your sanity and keep it super simple!

So I wanted to share two of the easy peasy snacks that have really helped me keep my stress level down on the days when my twins were not in the mood to eat, and all I wanted to do was crawl into a dark hole.


(My boys’ favorite Breakfast Blend Liquiado or “shake.”)

Noah & Nikoh’s current favorite snack is what at home we call a “liquiado,” or in English, a shake. The one pictured above is my “Breakfast Blend” liquiado. Super delicious and packed with nutrients so it’s a win! win! Plus it takes all of 3-4 minutes to make and  voilà!…my baby boys have a delicious meal they can drink on their own, and I have a few minutes to decompress!

Here’s what to do: In a blender I add the following – approximately 4 cups of organic whole milk, 1 banana, two cups total of fresh strawberries, raspberries, and/or blueberries, one cup of oatmeal, half a cup of steamed quinoa and a dash of Nestle’s chocolate milk powder. Blend and serve! It’s really that simple.

(*Remember I am making this for twins, so if you only have 1 toddler you might want to use a little less of each ingredient. If not, you can drink the leftovers! And I promise you will love it 😉 You can also substitute the fresh fruit for bagged frozen fruits which you can find at any grocery store. And feel free to add or exclude ingredients based on your toddler’s likings.)

This next snack is super easy, traditional and loved by most parents! Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches…yum!

Since my boys are toddlers their food has to be cut into small pieces for obvious safety reasons so PB & J’s are great! I originally gravitated towards the Smuckers Uncrustable Sandwiches which you can find at the grocery store, but that got expensive real quick! (One box can carry 15 sandwiches and costs approximately $10.) So instead I found this awesome Cut-N-Seal gadget (pictured below) from Pampered Chef, which costs less than $20 and is much more economical!

Now I make my twins homemade PB & J Uncrustable Sandwiches multiple times a week, for much less than buying them from the store. You can see how easy it is in a few simple steps (pictured below) .


Now yes, I realize I am not reinventing the wheel here, and these snacks aren’t unique, but they have come in very handy for me… So I just thought I’d blog about them to remind moms/parents there are a few easy things that can be a big help on those hard days.

So give yourself a break 😉 And keep up the great work!



XO~Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy


It’s Kinda Like This..Crazy Beautiful!!

There’s not a day that goes by without a family member, friend or perfect stranger asking me, “Okay Nisha, honestly, what’s it really like?”

(“It” means twin motherhood… LOL!)

I always appreciate and welcome any and all questions, because if you’ve never been a parent to multiples (one or more child the exact same age), you might be unable to comprehend how crazy/beautiful it can be. I try to answer this question as best as I can, and it normally tends to be very long-winded. So I thought sharing a tiny glimpse of what I do — diaper/outfit changes upwards of 10 times a day — would be the best insight.

Sometimes to believe it you have to see it….so here ya go!

(Noah & Nikoh, my 29 weekers, thriving big and strong & quickly approaching 2 years old!)



XO~Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy



Hang in There, Mama!

When I first had the idea to start blogging about my pregnancy and being a new mom, I planned to be writing all of the time. I am a journalist, so writing has always, and will always be natural and “easy” for me to do.

Boy oh boy 😉 …was I wrong.

There’s just ZERO time for me anymore! That goes for my love of writing, too.

If you know me personally, you’ve heard me say (probably more times than you liked), “I don’t have any time to myself, I barely have the time to eat!” I know some of you even secretly roll your eyes at me, but don’t worry I do not take it personally! I know I tend to sound like a broken record while talking about my experience as a twin mom.

But, it’s true. There’s no time for ME anymore. Zero time. Zero time, times 2! Because it’s ALL about my boys. The most time I have for myself, is to constantly remind myself to, ‘hang in there,mama!’

FullSizeRender-2 copy 4


I am not exaggerating. I am not trying to get your sympathy. I am not trying to make my mommy job sound more important or demanding than yours. I’m really being genuine.  The “idea” of motherhood is beautiful and exciting! Especially with all of the pretty baby bump pics us mommies get to share, the baby shower fun and all of the extra attention we get walking around with our beaming belly!  But let’s fast forward to the reality of motherhood, once your baby -or in my case, babies – arrive….life can get crazy, real quick! I consider the day a success if I can shower before 6 p.m. Ha!

All of a sudden I now have two precious little boys attached to each side of my body, at all times of the day and night. It’s nearly impossible to remember life without them. And did I mention, there’s no time for ME anymore?!

FullSizeRender-2 copy 5

(Noah (L), Mommy & Nikoh (R), December 2015)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat down at my dining room table to start blogging, do some online shopping, etc… when one of my twin boys sees me and attempts to climb over the couch to get my attention! So there I go..running to catch him! And then catch BOTH of them because when one does something, his twin brother follows right behind him! Needless to say that fabulous blog I had in mind stopped before I could even get started.

There’s been a pretty large gap since the last time I blogged in July. Mostly due to my babies, who are now actually toddlers, being sick for what seemed like all summer long. We’ve been inundated with doctor appointments, specialist appointments, sleepless nights (yes at 20 months old they are still not sleeping through the night!) and freak accidents that literally tore my heart into two pieces. (I will blog about all of that another day!) Not to mention an upcoming surgery for Nikoh later this month. But my goal is to try and write more this year, in hopes of getting my blog up to date with where Noah and Nikoh are today… healthy, thriving and living preemie strong!

But today I just wanted to write and reach out, to all the mommies out there who feel as frazzled as I do on the daily and tell you, hang in there, mama! You’ll  make it through today. And you are doing great!

Motherhood, and parenthood in general, is overwhelming. That goes for whether you’re a twin mama like me, a new mom to one baby, a veteran mom with a car load of kiddos and every type of mom in between.

I constantly remind myself of that quote, “Motherhood is not a competition.” Definitely not! If anything we moreso compete with ourselves, right? I know every morning when I wake up, I try to be a better mom than I was yesterday. And to me, motherhood… it’s more like survival of the fittest! Everyday I just try and survive. Because it’s really never-ending…feedings, diaper changes, outfit changes,spill clean-ups, laundry, dinner, I can go on and on!

Most days I feel like I did a horrible job, but I never give up.

One day I stumbled upon this quote on one of my social media accounts, and I go back and repeat it to myself everyday. So here’s to hoping it can inspire you, as it inspires me, on the days we need it the most!

FullSizeRender-2 copy 6

XO~Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy





Two of them, 1 of Me

My twins have been sprouting like weeds the last few months! It’s still hard to fathom my tiny 3 pound preemies are now almost 15 months-old, weighing 28 (Noah) and 25 (Nikoh) pounds.

Nothing short of miraculous to watch them play together…Today as I remember them sleeping in their NICU incubators, it almost feels like another lifetime.

I originally intended to populate this blog much more frequently, but being a mother to my twins has proven to be incredibly demanding ever since they started crawling, and now walking and climbing on absolutely everything! (And NO baby proofing doesn’t really help when you have one toddler going left and the other toddler going right.) I always find myself thinking and talking about how difficult twin motherhood is, not because I want people to say, “Oh poor you,”….but more because I am still amazed at how mothers do it, and how they did it decades before me with much less resources.

Twin motherhood is quite the beautiful challenge and you can never fully comprehend it unless you have carried two babies in your womb simultaneously and taken care of them everyday. There are moments where it feels overwhelming and almost impossible, but there are also plenty of times where it brings more love and happiness I ever could have imagined. Tears normally accompany both ends of those two spectrums.


Every aspect of twin motherhood has indeed had its immense challenges, and certainly its highs and lows, but the part that literally tugs at my core is the obvious fact that there is ALWAYS two of them and one of me. I have two babies, only 1 minute different in age, who often need and want me at the exact same time. It tears my heart apart to have to pick between the two of them when deciding who to tend to first. Believe it or not, it happens several times a day.

Many parents tell me what a blessing it is that my twins are each other’s playmates. Yes, it’s so wonderful that they love to make each other laugh and they do entertain each other all day. But what happens when they are playing, chuckling, having a great time and all of a sudden they bump their heads together? This happened last week. There I was with my two babies, crying “mommmm! mommmmm!” I ran over to them, dropped to my knees and scooped them both into my arms so they both felt comforted. But I couldn’t pick them up simultaneously, and there was no way to give them the individual TLC I know they needed. It broke my heart to see the tears rolling down their little cheeks, boogies coming from their little noses, and I had to divvy up my hands to wipe the tears and clean the noses with one hand each.

And then there are the times when they are sick, when only my arms can comfort them. The last two weeks Nikoh was very sick with bronchitis. His throat was so swollen and red he didn’t eat or drink much. He was sluggish and not nearly his playful self. He wanted to lay on my chest, and in my arms for the better part of one week. But then there was Noah, who didn’t catch bronchitis, but did have a high fever for a few days and some congestion and would you believe he just wanted to be in mommy’s arms too?

Aside from being in the NICU with both Noah and Nikoh, these last few weeks have been the most emotionally and physically draining for me. I literally had to rotate babies in and out of my arms for several days straight so I can give them an equal amount of love, comfort and attention. It was so hard to do. I would be holding Nikoh trying to soothe him, and never really got to give him all of my attention because I was looking over at Noah who would often be sitting on the floor, leaning on my legs and looking up at me with his red and swollen little eyes. After 30 minutes of holding Nikoh, I would switch and it would be Noah’s “turn.” Imagine doing that over and over. It was like neither one of them were fully comforted because once they started to feel secure and cozy with me, I had to put them down and pick up their twin brother.

But it’s not always seeing them cry that makes me sad, sometimes it’s seeing them happy and wanting me so much.

At least once a day we watch one of their favorite cartoons, The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I know all of you parents can relate to how magical this show really is! The second they hear the theme song, Noah and Nikoh will stop whatever it is they are doing and instantly turn to look at me and once we’ve made eye contact they start dancing, bouncing their little legs up and down. They both run up to me as I am dancing along with them and start reaching for me to pick them up. How do I decide who gets picked up and dances with mommy, and who stays dancing by himself? As a twin mom I have learned when I can’t get to them at the same time, they have to take turns. So today for example I picked up Noah and danced with him in my arms, while I dropped my other arm and grabbed Nikoh’s hand so he too can feel like he’s dancing with mommy. This might not sound like a huge dilemma to some, but trust me when you are a mom to twins it is heartbreaking not being able to give them the attention they want, need and deserve right when they ask for it.

I imagine parents who have more than one child also have to deal with these scenarios from time to time, but I can’t be certain it’s as intense as having two children the exact same age needing you at the exact same time and likely for the exact same reason. This is just one of the things about twin motherhood I never even thought about during my pregnancy, because I really had no idea what to expect. And despite my research, there was no book out there teaching me how to be “OK” with dividing my heart and attention between my two, precious boys, every second of everyday.

All I can hope and pray for is that the times I do give them both individual and “twin” love and attention, they feel comforted by me and loved enough to feel like they were born to the best mama in the world.

FullSizeRender Mother’s Day 2015

Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy

In Retrospect~ Twin Motherhood

It’s been a few months since I have had the chance to blog… my twins keep me extremely busy running back and forth between them!

A girlfriend recently asked me how I felt motherhood changes life, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to reflect on my first year as a twin mommy. (Great timing too because my twins, Noah & Nikoh, turned 1 on March 26!)

FullSizeRender (February 2015- Noah & Nikoh 11 months old)

So friend, here’s my answer…

Some women say they grew up feeling that embedded “maternal instinct,” while others admit (with some hesitation) that “motherhood” was never really atop of their priority list. For me, the desire to become a mother always fell somewhere between those two spectrums.

Anyone who knows me well will tell you education and career had always been my main focus in life. I never felt like being a mom was my ultimate dream or life goal. Instead I thrived on education and living my childhood desire of being a journalist and writer for as far back as I can remember. It wasn’t until the first moment I saw Noah and Nikoh in their incubators in the NICU — when I was not allowed to hold them for their first few days of life, and only able to place my hands and fingers along their tiny, frail bodies — that I instinctively felt the overwhelming emotion of actually feeling and yearning to be a mom. Seeing my babies for the first time changed me completely, and it happened in an instant. All of a sudden I was someone’s protector, their best friend and their biggest advocate.

Yes I felt like a mom the moment I found out I was pregnant and I knew my life would change tremendously when my twins were born (it actually changed drastically as soon as I found out I was expecting twins), but I never expected how different I would become after I gave birth to them. I have always considered myself to be a genuine, kind-hearted, giving and loving person, but those emotions have amplified since I became a mother to my twins. During my pregnancy I often imagined what type of mother I would be once my twins were born. I knew I would give them all of my love and devotion. But when my babies Noah and Nikoh were born two months premature, I instantly became the type of mother they needed.

I was laid off from my job with a few months before my twins were born, and I was devastated. But you know that old saying, “It’s a blessing in disguise…” Cliche I know, but that’s exactly what it was. I love my career and am very proud of all the education, sacrifice and experience I have under my journalism belt, but I never thought twice about it after my twins were born. I often say that if I were still employed when my twins were born, I would have quit my job in a heartbeat in order to stay with my babies in the NICU around the clock the way I did for more than a month.

Why? Why quit my job when so many preemie parents continue working and somehow juggle the NICU?

Because that is the mother my Noah and Nikoh needed.

They needed me there by their side every single day. To watch over them as they were being poked and proded, pray alongside them at their weakest moments, and to hold them when they were finally strong enough to be in their mommy’s arms. I knew they needed a mother who wouldn’t miss a second of their most trying, early moments of life.

My preemies needed and deserved a devoted mom that was there for them in the NICU. Despite feeling like my body had been cut in half and healing from an emergency c-section, my babies needed me every morning, every night, all day to sit with them in the NICU and walk back and forth between the two, whispering into their incubators how much I loved them and how wonderful they were doing.

Even when the NICU nurses would tell me to go home, get some rest, step outside..I always chose to stay because that is the mother my babies needed. A mommy who was there for them all of the time.

Before I had my twins I used to be selfish… always on a news deadline, constantly in a hurry to finish writing my stories and always contemplating the next personal goal I would achieve. When I lost my job I cried because I missed and loved my work so much. Today that sounds silly. I can’t ever imagine loving anything more than my babies.

So my friend, motherhood has showed me that time, indeed, is ever so precious. It flies by. Zooms by really when you have children.

Today as I sit on the floor in my den, playing with my twins who just celebrated their first birthday, I find myself thinking about “missing my work” less and less. Instead I spend my days chasing them around, making sure they don’t pull down the blinds or knock over a chair, and I realize that being a mother to twins, has far exceeded any of my educational or professional achievements that used to mean the world to me. Twin motherhood is definitely my biggest accomplishment and it has brought me all of the love my heart has ever desired.

Yes I still am a journalist, I love to write, read and learn about the news of the world, but for the time being I realize that time is fleeting, and although the news is never-ending, my twins will only be babies for a short period of time, and it’s up to me to savor, indulge in and really experience every single second with them.

One day I will return to my full-time journalism post, but for now I find achievement in watching my twin preemies grow and thrive, and helping them meet all of their developmental milestones.


Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 11.32.30 PM

XO~ Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy

Noah Goes Home, Nikoh Stays in the NICU #bittersweet


From the day our twin baby boys were born and nestled into the NICU, nurses began prepping my husband and I for the reality that Noah and Nikoh WOULD go home at separate times.

When the day finally came — 24 days after they were born — it was beautiful and heartbreaking all at once and we were nowhere near emotionally prepared.

Noah was discharged on April 18, 2014 from the NICU, 10 days before Nikoh. I remember that morning so vividly. I was getting ready to go to the hospital and visit my babies when my cell phone rang. I immediately recognized the hospital’s phone number and my heart sank, “Oh gosh I hope the babies are OK,” I said to myself. (The hospital typically never called us unless their was a negative change in Noah and Nikoh’s progress) But to my surprise the nurse had the best news, “Hi Mrs. Jaime, Noah is ready to go home today. What time can you be here to pick him up?”

Just like that, our Baby Noah was strong enough to go home. She made it sound so simple!

But how could such a milestone, a day my husband and I had dreamt about for so long be here already? It had felt like Noah and Nikoh had been in the NICU forever, yet when I received the phone call “that moment” seemed to have come so fast.

Tears immediately began falling from my eyes, and my heart was racing. A mixture of emotions overcame my body. Happiness, anxiety, nervousness, excitement and sadness as I wondered what Noah’s discharge meant for Baby Nikoh?

Born two months premature, Noah and Nikoh progressed at different stages, developed and advanced at different times (read more about that in my previous blogs). Typically when one had a bad day, the other had a good day so it was constant highs and lows for us as parents in the NICU. Normally when we were celebrating one baby’s achievements, we were struggling with the other’s setbacks. Although we knew they’d be discharged at separate times, we were never given a date or even a time frame to expect when they would be able to go home. That’s why it was such a big surprise when we were told Noah was ready to “graduate” from the NICU.

Everyday we would ask their doctor, “When will Noah and Nikoh come home? Are they almost ready to come home? What do they need to achieve before they can come home?” And like I have written in previous blogs, the answer from the nurses and doctors were always, “It’s up to Noah and Nikoh and how they progress. We can’t give you a time frame, we take it day by day and see how they do.”

So the phone call regarding Noah’s discharge was totally unexpected because their conditions literally changed from one hour to the next.

My plan for Noah’s discharge day had to change instantly. Normally I would spend the entire day in the NICU visiting with Noah and Nikoh, and waiting for my husband to join us at night once he was out of work. I called him right away and told him Noah was ready to go home, so he scrambled to get to the hospital as soon as he could.

It all happened so fast.

Noah’s car seat was already sitting underneath his crib in the NICU waiting to take him home. A few days before Noah was released he was required to take and pass a car seat test, which checked his heart and breathing while he sat in it to make sure the positioning was safe for him to ride home. One of their nurses gave me a packet of papers about one inch thick that needed signatures, and had a ton of information, the “Do’s and “Don’ts” for preemies which we had learned during our time in the NICU, but it was still extremely overwhelming.

As I was prepping Noah to go home, cleaning out his crib, taking down his name tag, peeling off our photos, packing his diaper bag and dressing him, I looked over at Nikoh in his incubator. I was so sad. I felt so bad. I wondered if he knew I was about to leave him behind? Did he know his twin brother Noah was getting to go home? Was he going to “feel” alone and sad?

My heart was torn apart. My tears never stopped. It was almost too much for me to handle. Several nurses tried to calm me down, they hugged me and told me Nikoh wouldn’t be far behind and would be home “soon.” They told me now Noah would need me at home with him. But how was I going to walk out of the NICU without Nikoh? It felt so unnatural, I couldn’t bare the thought of taking one of my babies home and leaving my other baby behind.

I walked over to Nikoh’s incubator so many times during those few hours, watched him as he slept, rubbed his forehead, cheeks, hands, feet and back with my hands as he slept. I held him when he woke up, I fed him, changed him and rocked him back to sleep. I talked to him and told him I loved him, how proud I was of him and how I was counting down the days until he would come home too. I cried as I told him I didn’t want to leave him, but I had to take his big brother home. I explained to him that I wouldn’t be able to see him anymore everyday, but told him that daddy would be there everyday and that I would call to check on him every day and night, and several times in between. I asked him to not be sad without his brother, and instead to stay strong and keep growing so he could come home with us as soon as possible.

(This is some of what I remember telling him:)
“I love you my Nikoh Baby. I’m not leaving you my love, but you won’t see me for a few days. I will visit you in your dreams and I will send my hugs and kisses through daddy. I’ll be praying for you, thinking about you, getting things ready for you at home and sending you milk to help you keep growing strong.”

When the nurses told me I shouldn’t return to the NICU to visit Nikoh, but instead should stay home with Noah I felt so confused. What new mom is told she shouldn’t be with her preemie baby everyday? He needed me, they both needed me. But how could I be at two places at once? There was no way. Noah couldn’t return to the NICU, and Nikoh wasn’t ready to go home. So how does a mother chose between two babies who need her equally the same?

It was heart-wrenching. I’ve never felt so much sadness.

But after a lot of tears, words of love and support from my husband, the nurses explained more, and it made a TINY bit of sense.

“Nikoh has a whole team of doctors and nurses focused on him, watching and monitoring him 24/7,” one nurse told me. “Noah ONLY has you. You need to give him all of your attention and take extra good care of him. He needs you for everything.”

Of course the explanation didn’t make it much easier to leave Nikoh in the NICU, but it gave me some reassurance that he would be in excellent hands. As it turned out, I didn’t visit Nikoh daily, but there were a couple of times that I left Noah with my parents or sister so I could go back to the NICU and see him. There was no way I couldn’t see him for 10 days straight! We even spent half of Easter day with Nikoh in the NICU. And although I felt useless to him while I was at home with Noah, I continued to send him breast milk daily to help keep him strong and growing. And that made me feel better knowing I was still helping and being there for him through the NICU journey.

When it was time for us to take Noah home, his nurses gathered in the NICU to say goodbye to him and I could barely contain my emotions. It was so overwhelming. As we put Noah in his car seat, I asked if he could say goodbye to his brother. A very sweet nurse took Nikoh out of his incubator, carefully untangling his wires and gently sat him on top of Noah’s lap. It was one of the most bittersweet moments I’ve ever experienced. It’s a story I will tell them forever.


As we wheeled Noah out of the NICU, his carseat was placed in the crib and his nurse pushed him through the labor and delivery waiting room. I followed behind and was so surprised and happy when I saw my parents, sister, brother-in-law and niece and nephew standing there waiting to FINALLY see Noah.
Although my parents were allowed to visit my babies in the NICU, the rest of our family had never seen my babies in person so that moment meant EVERYTHING to me. Everyone had waited to meet Noah and Nikoh for so long, and now they were able to see Noah in person. My sister Nubia immediately burst into tears and kept saying, “Oh my God, hi baby. Hi baby. I love you.”

So many smiles, and so much love. I indulged in that moment of happiness because Noah deserved it, he worked for it for so long.

It was a moment I will never forget….

We said our goodbyes to my family, put Noah into the car and headed home. I stared at him the entire time, held his hand and constantly made sure he was breathing. At the same time, I was talking to Nikoh in my mind and telling him half of my heart remained with him in the NICU. I asked him again to be brave, keep fighting and never forget that mommy, daddy and Noah are yearning to have him home where he belonged.


Fast forward 8 months later to today Dec. 10, 2014, I get to spend ever minute with both Noah and Nikoh at home. They are the best of friends, the sweetest, happiest twin boys and I can’t wait to tell them all about their NICU journey and how they indeed conquered it together.

photo-7 copy 17

XO~Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy

Attack of the ‘Tiny White Bumps’

photo-7 copy 4 (Noah in April 2014 with an infection on his cheeks.)

(*Note: I tend to write this blog in chronological order, but I am jumping forward a bit to share some photos and quick information about an infection my baby Noah suffered during his first few weeks at home after being discharged from the NICU.)

The day Noah was discharged from the hospital in April 2014, my husband and I were a nervous wreck.

He had been in the NICU for a little over a month and we were terrified about all the “what if’s” that could happen at home. And while we were ecstatic to bring our tiny 4 pound baby boy Noah home, we were also heartbroken to have to leave his twin brother Nikoh in the NICU. It was a stressful time to say the least.

So when we noticed what appeared to be a little rash on Noah’s face, our stress level was amplified.

Since he was born two months premature and super fragile I knew I had to pay attention to everything, no matter how small it seemed. So when we noticed a tiny cluster of white bumps surfacing on his right cheek, we started researching in our preemie baby books to see if we could figure out what it was. Originally we thought it could possibly be baby acne, so I made sure to keep it clean and monitored it for a day or two to see if it would clear up on its own.

photo-7 copy 12 (Noah’s infection started out as what appeared to be “Baby Acne” on his right cheek, but it quickly spread to his left cheek and chin.)

Unfortunately it got a lot worse very fast. Before we knew it had spread to his left check and chin, and started secreting some clear fluid. We called his pediatrician and she told us to bring him in that day.

photo-7 copy 11

Noah was examined and his pediatrician used a cotton swab to gently scrape off a few pieces of the rash which she sent to the lab for testing. As it turned out, the rash was not baby acne but instead a skin infection caused by bacteria that needed to be treated right away. There was no way to track down if he caught the infection at the hospital or at home. So the possibilities were endless.

Noah’s pediatrician prescribed him Cephalexin, an antibiotic, and the topical ointment Mupirocin, to get rid of the infection. It took upwards of three weeks for Noah’s infection to clear up, and it got worse before it got better. We were super hesitant to give him any type of medication because he was premature, but we trusted our pediatrician’s recommendation.

photo-7 copy 8 (Noah’s infection covered with the topical ointment Mupirocin)

The infection went through a series of phases. At first it secreted white liquid, and after a few weeks it started to dry out and scab, then it started to flake off on its own.

photo-7 copy 10

photo-7 copy 9

photo-7 copy 7

I was extremely careful to keep Noah’s hands covered with mittens when I put the ointment on his infection, and I had to be super cautious that his clothes didn’t get snagged on his cheeks or chin.

While Noah was trying to fight off his infection, Nikoh was discharged from the NICU. My husband and I had to be very careful to make sure Noah and Nikoh did not share any clothes, burp cloths, mittens, boppies, blankets or anything else that could potentially pass the infection to Nikoh.

We were very worried that the infection would lead to serious symptoms, but overall it didn’t result in anything abnormal. Although Noah was very uncomfortable and it looked horrible, over time it healed perfectly and today you would never know he had any type of facial infection.

photo-7 copy 6photo-7 copy 13

I just thought I would share our experience with this infection in hopes of helping other mommies and daddies of twins and singletons know what to look out for!

In the NICU we learned the importance of constant hand-washing and sanitizing in order to keep our preemies free from germs and infections and this experience really solidified my decision to ALWAYS make sure anyone who comes in contact with my preemies has washed and sanitized their hands before touching my babies.

Some people may think our constant hand-washing is excessive, but I beg to differ. I will do anything in my power to keep my babies infection free!


XO~ Noah & Nikoh’s Mommy