We Made 1 Wish, 2 Came True…

The feeling I had when I found out I was pregnant hasn’t ceased since the moment it happened. However it did increase, two-fold.

At the beginning of my pregnancy, somewhere around the 9th week, we went to my doctor’s office for a check-up. As I climbed up onto the exam table, Hector took a seat in a chair and I remember saying, “I can’t wait to see how our baby has grown.” The nurse and doctor walked in and greeted us as usual, then proceeded with the ultrasound. Our eyes were fixated on the large TV screen that projects the ultrasound, as the doctor was trying to focus in on our tiny little baby. I remember looking away from the screen for just a second, and that’s when I heard Hector say, “Is that two?!” Not really comprehending what he meant, I turned and looked at the screen and saw two little pods floating around. “Wow, it’s your lucky day!” the doctor said. “You’re having twins!”


All I could do was smile, and say “Oh my goodness, twins?! Are you sure?!” The doctor assured us that we indeed had two little miracles. Hector was ecstatic, he kept saying “This is awesome, this is so awesome! I wanted twins so bad.” (Twins run like wildlfire in my mom’s family, so he knew twins were a possibility..) When we walked out of the doctor’s office, my heart was racing and I had a flood of mixed emotions. I was so happy to see my baby, which was suddenly “babies,” but I was also scared to death. I started to cry as we walked towards the elevator, and buried my head into Hector’s chest. He hugged me, and asked why I was so sad.

“I am not sad at all, I am just so scared,” I told him. “I don’t know how to take care of one baby, how in the world am I going to take care of two?”

After some reassuring from Hector, I started to feel a little better and I immediately called my parents, sister and brother to tell them the wonderful news.

Sensing my excitement and anxiety, my mom told me, “Don’t worry my love, God gave you two babies because he knew you could do it. We are all right here to help you.”

Sometimes the dreams that come true are the ones we never even knew we had..”

XO~ A & B’s Mommy

3 thoughts on “We Made 1 Wish, 2 Came True…

  1. I truly could not be any happier for you guys, I am happy to read about your pregnancy journey. Thank you for sharing. LOVE YOU GUYS and the babies =)

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